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Got Dreams? I Have Always Been An Entrepreneur Yet I Was Crazy Close To Giving It Up Forever

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Its True, I Almost Walked Away …

lunchmeetupIts my prayer that you get the impact this entire journey has been on my life and I hope you don’t walk away either.

I almost didn’t write this out, in fact this is now the fourth time I have sat down to try and write out this post.  But I truly felt the need to share from the heart in hopes that it inspires you to change your own situation OR inspire you to something new too.

I almost gave up because I was going to have to start all over again …

Your Mind Will Play Games With You

In my last blog post I exposed so much of what I did in the past, for this one I would like to share with you some resources to inspire & motivate you to keep pushing through. I truly know how much of a challenge this is, I almost gave up and if I, Vera Raposo — who has been an entrepreneur since I was 20 years old (just a wee one), can lose heart and almost give up then I know how easily your dreams can feel like they are being stolen away from you.

Right now I am in the midst of some training sessions over here at Total Biz Launch, its very do-able to have a thriving online business.  I dare you to go and listen, I have 3 audios there for you to listen to.

Its very hard for me to admit I almost gave up on my dreams and I know deep down in my gut that God is planting NEW dreams into my life.  I would love to help MOBILIZE you once and for all, stop trying this online business pursuit and actually start doing it!

I’d like to share a picture with you, it was a moment in my life after I launched this site here, I was so incredibly happy that I was feeling better and working towards my goals and dreams again.

I Love This Picture With Alice & Tawnya It Shows Renewed Strength and Excitement I Was Feeling


Us ladies Alice, Tawnya and myself all met for lunch right along the ocean. The breeze was pouring in while we ate our dinner and just enjoyed our time together.

I Would LOVE To Share With You Some Amazing People To Encourage You

These are 5 star people, people who have either partnered with me on projects or helped me in some way launch my online business from 2004 until now.  They have seen my business start, grow and change many times over the years. They are people with a heart as big as the universe and I still am inspired by all that they are doing.

I found some wonderful posts over at their sites to help you today.

I am thankful for ALL of them and I hope this inspires YOU to finally get moving into your passive income business!


Lynn Terry- Its easy to dream up a bunch of stuff to do but actually implementing it all is not as fun as the dream right? Lynn talks about what to do when you start feeling stuck. You can also follow along our current live case study here. You can also check out her teaching on social media, truly a game changer for me personally.








Alice Seba – When you feel like you are spinning your wheels and not getting anything done, maybe it is time to hire someone to help.







Kelly McCausey – Wow here is one I found from Kelly back in 2005 where she talks about having patience with your passive income and 3 things shes discovered by coaching solopreneurs over the years.






Stu McLarenWhat do to when you do not know what to do…. In this post Stu talks about a gut feeling he had and knew something was not right. Stu says, If you want something different in your life or in your business, you’ve got to take a step.





Nicole Dean – With a mega spunky personality this chickie is an amazing woman, I found this article that will personally help me with some dinner hacks. Another good one is overcoming plateaus.







Angela Wills – Ouch! Angela is tough in this article, the dream lifestyle is possible but it takes work, so true, theres no way I could have said this better. She also talks about your attitude in this online business world.





Corbett Barr – Here a nice podcast with Corbett talking about what happens when your expectations are not realistic. Also here is one of my ALL time favourite blog posts I have EVER read. Sorry for the swearing when you get there, but you gotta write that epic stuff that he says to write. You can read my current case study with Corbett here too, its how I am building a blog that matters and the lifestyle that I want which will include travel at least once per month ;-)






Darren Rowse – A brilliant blog post on creating viral content, and check out this incredible money map for creating income around your blogging efforts, a super nice visual. Darren also covers how he personally makes money as a professional blogger. You can read a post that I wrote back when Twitter was brand new on Darrens site here.







Yaro Starak – Can I just say that I love this mans brain, Yaro is truly a good person and here you can watch a video on how he makes money online.







Melissa Ingold – Melissa is just special, she is a complete sweetheart and I have had the pleasure of working directly with her in the past, she also coached me in a new biz I was putting together and I got up to $100 per day on a side project that I was working on, the highest day I had using her methods was $300 in a day.  I then sold that business when I sold everything off after my daughters battle. You can read her success story here.




All of them have a unique perspective and have made money in many different types of markets. So many I probably could not count them all.That is why I choose to show you how to focus on one thing and do it well!

You can sit around reading and learning all day long but you have got to put things into ACTION.

I would like to encourage you to listen to my 3 teleseminar trainings that will be gone soon, its the ONE method I did very well and enjoy chatting about it all.

There are a bunch of online business models, I teach one that gets results and a real business if you stick to it.



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