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Podcast: The Minimalist Lifestyle & Inside Your Biz With Joshua Becker

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joshua-becker-becoming-minimalist1I’m very pleased to present to you my interview with Joshua Becker from BecomingMinimalist.com.

He’s definitely on my “read” list and I drop by his blog daily now.

I love this way of looking at life and how I can apply it more to what I’m doing in ALL aspects of my life.

I recently wrote a blog post about how I personally minimized my own life and how things happened naturally and in a planned way.

It’s interesting that’s for sure. 

I hope you enjoy the interview it’s definitely one that I had a lot of JOY in my heart to bring to you.

Here’s Joshua’s benefits page – by the way, this is an awesome page to provide your readers too :-) You can also check out his book “Simplify” here, looks pretty neat.


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